Watch them Die

A chilling tale reminiscent of 80’s old school horror with a social media twist a group of old High School friends and a married couple who host a YouTube house flipping channel take a trip to help remodel a dilapidated Inn on the island of Mallorca in Spain. Little do they know others will be watching and paying for their demise.


  • In Development 2024
  • Written by: John Schneider & Clark Taylor
  • Directed By: Mark Dippe
  • Executive Producers: Brent Whitney, Joe Q. Bretz, John Schneider
  • Starring: To be announced

Shaman from Wisconsin

As of March 2022, Psycho DeLuX began Pre-Production for it’s first TV and Immersive episodic TV series set to begin filming in August.

Joe Sheckley, a likable, reckless, (but resourceful) deadbeat living in his parent’s basement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, finds himself on the beautiful Island of Mallorca in Spain- after faking his own death. Through a series of accidents and misunderstandings, is believed to be a wise and incredibly capable shaman, who inspires a devoted following of both local residents and visitors to the island. Embracing this new persona, Joe soon finds himself benefiting in unexpected ways: the company of supermodels, living in a cliff side mansion’s guest house, and an entree to the island’s most exclusive VIPs. But he discovers something else, perhaps even more surprising: he’s actually good at helping people.

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Directed by: To Be Announced


  • Development Completed 2023
  • Principal Photography: TBD
  • Created by: Joe Q. Bretz
  • Written by: Joe Q. Bretz, Martin Olson, John Schneider
  • Executive Producers: Brent Whitney, Joe Q. Bretz, John Schneider,
  • Production Designer: TBD
  • Starring: TBD
Martin Olson’s series


A first of its kind hybrid NFT + Utility licensed and adapted from NY Times best selling author Martin Olson’s series.